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A Lifetime Love for Acting: Crystal Hunt

One Life to Live premiered in 1968 and follows the lives of the characters living in Llanview, PA. The show focuses on the wealthy Lord family, as well as the Woleks and Rileys, middle-class families. When the show originated, it was one of the first and only shows of the time to depict the lives […]

Taking Advantage of Texting

Texting is perhaps a huge advantage when it comes to mobile phone services. The fact that people are able to text each other adds to the ease of communication. One thing that is very frustrating to people when using phones to communicate is that the sound quality of the phone is low. It can be […]

The Oscar Pistorius Trial And Analysis By Brenda Wardle

Oscar Pistorius is a famous runner from South Africa, and he competed in several Paralympic events He also competed as a runner in the 2012 Olympics. He became famous worldwide for his appearance in the 2012 Olympics because he was competing against world-class athletes with no physical disabilities. His disability made Oscar Pistorius the ultimate […]

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Coriant, In The Cloud

While transforming into a new entity, after its separation from Nokia Siemens Networks in 2013, Coriant is holding its own as it struggles for control of the tech beast known as the cloud. Coriant is slowly cornering the optical transmission software and hardware market while continuing to streamline its business model. Before the new CEO […]

Handy Thriving In Home Services Field, Despite The Fall Of Homejoy Inc.

Homejoy Inc. is experiencing its most epic fail because they have filed for bankruptcy, and their company has gone under. Like many startups, Homejoy Inc. depended on the funding they got to keep their startup going as well as to promote the business and make the company successful. Unfortunately, Homejoy Inc. announced that they were […]