A Lifetime Love for Acting: Crystal Hunt

One Life to Live premiered in 1968 and follows the lives of the characters living in Llanview, PA. The show focuses on the wealthy Lord family, as well as the Woleks and Rileys, middle-class families. When the show originated, it was one of the first and only shows of the time to depict the lives of families with varying backgrounds. The show depicted an interracial relationship, showed characters struggling with drug addictions and identity issues, different cultures, time travel, and underground cites. This was unheard of at the time, making the show unique and grabbing viewer’s attention.

Stacy Morasco, played by actress Crystal Hunt, first appeared on the show as a stripper from Vegas, following her sister, Gigi, and ex-boyfriend, Rex, back to Llanview. Stacy had been obsessed with Rex since high school and was determined to steal him away from Gigi. Stay and Rex have a one-night stand, where she becomes pregnant. Stacy has a miscarriage, but shortly after, convinces Oliver to sleep with her, where she becomes pregnant again. She is able to use this pregnancy to convince Rex that he is the father. Stacy finds herself in a heap of lies as the show continues, but Stacy is determined to keep the lies going in order to steal Rex away from Gigi forever. Stacy is kidnapped and finally admits that the baby is not Rex’s. She delivers the baby but ultimately meets her demise by falling into a frozen lake while searching for help.

Her Facebook shows that Crystal Hunt is an Emmy-nominated actress first appeared as ‘Lizzie Spaulding’ on the iconic CBS daytime series Guiding Light. Since then, Crystal Hunt has added an impressively large number of appearances in television and films. She has starred along side actresses and actors like Zac Efron and Amanda Bynes in The Derby Stallion and Sydney White. In 2013, Hunt appeared in the thriller NYC Underground. Hunt then went on to join Dylan Baker in creating 23 Blast. Taking some time off from acting, Wikipedia shows that Hunt owns My Pets Dream Boutique, a high-end pet boutique in Clearwater, Florida. In 2014, she produced a feature film “Talbot County” with longtime friend and fellow actress, Dania Ramirez. Most recently, Hunt has devoted her time to creating Queens of Drama, which aired in April 2015 and stared along side numerous stars in the making of Magic mike XXL.

Cystal Hunts love for acting and on-screen roles is evident just by watching her on screen. Through a lifetime of acting and performances, Hunt has continued to share this love and passion for her career with everyone who witnesses one of her shows or films.