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Rocketship Education Creating Quality Public Schools

Today, San Jose is being considered as a launching pad to achieve the American Dream. This is because the children who were born in the low-income families in the early 1980s have equal opportunity as children who belonged to the socially progressive countries such as Denmark as well as Canada. But things are changing. The […]

End Citizens United Sets Sights on 2018 Congressional Elections

There is a political action committee gaining steam in the American political scene that could be going forth to make a game changing mark on the entire Washington machine. End Citizens United is an essentially grassroots campaign comprised of regular, every day American citizens. Their goal is to make a big change in American politics […]

Andrew Rolfe Raises Money For Ubuntu Fund

The Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund, Andrew Rolfe, held the 10th Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner in order to raise money for the school campus located in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. The school is that location currently supports about 2,000 children. This is one of the organization’s newest projects and they hope to bring adequate […]

Vast Improvement from White Shark Media

When a company needs help with their SEO development they are going to go employ the talents of an experienced marketing firm like White Shark Media Complaints. If you are a small to mid sized business they are the company to help build your online presence from where it is to where you want it […]

Don’t Believe the Myths When Creating A Wikipedia Page

Guessing is a lot like gambling, and no serious business-oriented professional likes to take unnecessary gambles. Trying to make a Wikipedia page without really understanding what goes into making such a page great really is a gamble.  First, the writer is gambling that the Wikipedia community won’t completely rewrite poor-quality material into something readable. This […]

The Analysis of The Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius came to the limelight initially as a high level competing athlete with a disability, competing at multiple Paralympic games and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Despite the positive fame, early 2013 cast a shadow over his image as he admitted to killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He thought she was an intruder and fired […]

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A Lifetime Love for Acting: Crystal Hunt

One Life to Live premiered in 1968 and follows the lives of the characters living in Llanview, PA. The show focuses on the wealthy Lord family, as well as the Woleks and Rileys, middle-class families. When the show originated, it was one of the first and only shows of the time to depict the lives […]

Taking Advantage of Texting

Texting is perhaps a huge advantage when it comes to mobile phone services. The fact that people are able to text each other adds to the ease of communication. One thing that is very frustrating to people when using phones to communicate is that the sound quality of the phone is low. It can be […]