Coriant, In The Cloud

While transforming into a new entity, after its separation from Nokia Siemens Networks in 2013, Coriant is holding its own as it struggles for control of the tech beast known as the cloud. Coriant is slowly cornering the optical transmission software and hardware market while continuing to streamline its business model.

Before the new CEO Shaygan Kheradpir accepted the position in September of 2015, his company had enhanced its product line. With its introduction of Intelligent Optical Control in 2013, Enhanced Multiservice Transport in metro-edge networking in 2014, and the Pluggable Optical Layer Network in 2015, it was already heading in the right direction. He will have to push the company aggressively forward as it finds its footing in the ever-changing data tech environment.

Shaygan Kheradpir has nearly 30 years of experience dealing with innovation in an already crowded technology market. Even before this position at Coriant, Kheradpir worked as an executive at Verizon and helped implement a bundled program of telephone, television and internet service; making Verizon more competitive within the already entrenched cable market. With his forward thinking and perspective, he will bring this fledgling company up to speed and help unearth new niche markets as they become available within the ever evolving, cloud-enabled environment.

The new CEO will be leading the charge against the other digital companies like Cisco Systems and Ciena that already have a growing market of steady customers in cloud tech. Coriant is capturing the optical data market of the cellular, data and voice networks while it consistently offers support for the quality core product lines of its Packet Optical Transport, MSPP, and Cross-Connect/TDM systems.

With the rest of the leadership team in place at Coriant, this CEO will continue to produce results for its customers while optimizing the performance of its networks, and maintaining the reliability of its systems. It has already become one of the first to gain 100G Carrier Ethernet 2.0 Certification and has expanded its portfolio to include CloudItalia, cloud services, for nationwide deployment in Italy with its m Tera Universal Transport Platform system. Coriant is here to stay.