End Citizens United Sets Sights on 2018 Congressional Elections

There is a political action committee gaining steam in the American political scene that could be going forth to make a game changing mark on the entire Washington machine. End Citizens United is an essentially grassroots campaign comprised of regular, every day American citizens. Their goal is to make a big change in American politics by way of reversing the controversial Supreme Court Decision on Citizens United — a conservative group who argued for looser campaign financing regulations. End Citizens United is a people-first approach to solving the issue of dark money in politics.


End Citizens United has been so successful in the early part of 2017 due to the rise in activism on a grassroots level. The election of Donald Trump to the White House has given rise to a new level of political action and political engagement. Formerly apathetic people are no longer comfortable sitting on the sideline while watching their country get changed for the worse and their voice lost due to their lack of money. Campaign finance reform has been a huge issue in the American political scene since the Citizens United decision and it has played a huge part in the degradation of American politics that we see today.


The goal of the team at End Citizens United, spearheaded by Tiffany Muller, is to put legislators in place that can promote a constitutional amendment in order to reverse the decision by the Supreme Court regarding Citizen United. This is a huge task and one that will take some heavy lifting to accomplish. There hasn’t been a constitutional amendment since 1992 and Washington has only gotten more and more partisan ever since. Still, the people at End Citizens United aren’t giving up and, in fact, they are actually doubling down in their efforts.


The first quarter of 2017 saw End Citizens United raise some serious cash via their fundraising platform. End Citizens United raised $4 million of their $45 million goal for 2017 and all eyes are now on how the team will continue to gather momentum. End Citizens United is a people first platform that is uniting progressives, moderates, and anyone with political backbone who wants to be involved with their government and the way the country is ran. The majority of supporters of End Citizens United fall on the liberal side but that hasn’t stopped End Citizens United from reaching out across the aisle in order to try and bridge that gap.


End Citizens United is focused now on endorsing politicians ahead of the 2018 Congressional Elections. If there is a wave of progressive candidates gaining ground in 2018 then End Citizens United’s primary goal becomes that much more feasible and their name might just become a reality.