Handy Thriving In Home Services Field, Despite The Fall Of Homejoy Inc.

Homejoy Inc. is experiencing its most epic fail because they have filed for bankruptcy, and their company has gone under. Like many startups, Homejoy Inc. depended on the funding they got to keep their startup going as well as to promote the business and make the company successful. Unfortunately, Homejoy Inc. announced that they were closing down their business, and with the announcement of bankruptcy, it’s obvious that Homejoy Inc. is no more. Homejoy Inc. used to have home cleaning services, and they also started expanding into other services as well. Although Homejoy will no longer be doing home cleaning services and more, Handy, one of their fierce competitors, is still in business and thriving in the same field.

There are lots of homeowners out there who love their home. They designed their home; they chose the furniture, and they place things in each room to make it feel more like a home. However, if a homeowner has more to do than just taking care of their home, it can be difficult for them to keep their beautiful home clean. It can be tough to find the time to clean the home, especially when it comes to the deep cleaning process. The great thing is that a homeowner can hire a house cleaning company like Handy to do the cleaning for them, and there are many reasons to hire Handy to clean a home.

A big reason why someone may want to hire a house cleaning company is to save time. Even if someone doesn’t work full-time, they aren’t going to want to spend their extra time or their free time cleaning. They are going to want to spend their free time with their friends and their family doing things that they love. A house cleaning company like Handy can save anyone time. The next time that having a house party comes up, throwing the party isn’t going to be a problem because the house will be clean, so it’s just a matter of decorating for the event. Handy can provide the necessary house cleaning services a family requires, and the workers can come out the very next day.

This is recapped from an article written on wsj.com.