Rocketship Education Creating Quality Public Schools

Today, San Jose is being considered as a launching pad to achieve the American Dream. This is because the children who were born in the low-income families in the early 1980s have equal opportunity as children who belonged to the socially progressive countries such as Denmark as well as Canada.

But things are changing. The real estate prices are soaring. There is a clear demarcation between the rich and the poor of this region. This divide is increasing further as the middle-class jobs are soon disappearing. This way the future for the poor of this region does not look very bright.

This is how Rocketship Education came up. It has been designed to enhance public education in San Jose. This is being done mainly for the low-income communities. All this is being done to provide excellent education and lead to the transformation of these communities.

Rocketship Education is a network of non-profit public charter schools. The network has been established between community organizations, besides parents of kids as well as educators. This has led to the creation of an ecosystem that includes public schools providing quality education. This way the children belonging to low-income families can be put on the right path that will take them to college. Due to all these efforts, Rocketship Education today boasts of 25 new public charter schools. These are high-performing schools that are serving the low-income communities. The first school of Rocketship Education was launched in 2007.

Various studies have confirmed that students coming from low-income families in San Jose are able to gain nearly a month of additional learning when they study at Rocketship Education. This would be in the field of both reading as well as math for each year that they are attending any high performing charter school such as Rocketship Education. This is why the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District along with Franklin-McKinley School District, are partnering with such charter schools in order to improve the achievements of their students besides boosting their college readiness.

Even the business leaders of this area are providing critical support by providing funds to education.