Since Opening in 1993, Lifeline Screening Has Helped More Than 8 Million People

Founded in Florida by Colin Scully and Timothy Phillips in 1993, Lifeline Screening has not only helped patients in the United States but also in the United Kingdom since it originally started. In the first 5 years since it opened, the services were being utilized by over 500,000 people. Once it reached a certain number, more tests were being added.

In 2007, it was a busy year for Lifeline. They had expanded into the United Kingdom and they also added finger prick testing for some tests to be ran. The finger prick test used to help doctors to detect good and bad cholesterol in the body along with the inflammation levels of the heart. The very following year, Lifeline had added another test to its line of screenings to include the use of the atrial fibrillation screening. In 2012, Lifeline began offering its services to people in Australia.

Since Lifeline Screening first started in 1993, there are over a million health screenings used yearly and more than 8 million tests have been performed since the original start of Lifeline. Now tests being used by doctors include ultrasounds, EKG’s, bloodwork and detection for organ failure such as liver functions.

Lifeline has been such a good help for doctors and patients that it is now being included in many insurance plans across United States. By insurance companies paying for these services, more doctors offices are able to be freed up in appointments and patients are able to plan visits according to their schedules instead of a doctor office schedule. Some tests can be done rather quickly while other tests will need to be performed and ran before an answer is determined.

Lifeline Screening helps to save thousands of lives each year by alerting patients to common health problems that may have gone undetected if it wasn’t for Lifeline. These common health problems can be overlooked rather easily by doctors when they only see patients while they are sick and can contribute some symptoms with other health problems. For this reason, Lifeline Screening is a common tool that is being utilized by patients and medical personnel.

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