The Analysis of The Oscar Pistorius Case

Oscar Pistorius came to the limelight initially as a high level competing athlete with a disability, competing at multiple Paralympic games and the 2012 Summer Olympics. Despite the positive fame, early 2013 cast a shadow over his image as he admitted to killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. He thought she was an intruder and fired four shots through the bathroom door killing her. This happened on February 14th, 2013. He was taken into police custody on 15th February 2013 on a charge of murder. On 19th August 2013, he was formally indicted on murder charges and illegal possession of ammunition. The indictment noted that even if Pistorius mistook the identity of the victim, the intention was to kill. The murder trial commenced on 3rd March 2014, in the High Court of Pretoria. He was also facing an illegal possession of ammunition charge and two charges of firing a gun in a public space. In September 2014, Judge Thokozile Masipa found Pistorius not guilty of murder, guilty of culpable homicide and reckless endangerment with a firearm. In October 2014, Pistorius was sentenced to a maximum 5years for culpable homicide and a concurrent 3year reckless endangerment conviction. On 3rd December, the trial verdict was overturned upgrading Pistorius’s conviction to murder. He has appealed to the Constitutional Court. As he awaits news on whether they will accept his appeal he is under house arrest and out on bail.

During the case, an outstanding legal analyst Brenda Wardle with her vast knowledge and understanding of law made a spot on analyses on the case and has even written a book on the Pistorius trial. Brenda is a South African national with a passion for law and its intrigues. She is the Chief Operations Officer at Wardle’s College of Law (Pty) Ltd. She is a world renowned legal analyst of this (Pistorius trial) and other high profile cases. Due to her credentials and spot on judgements of the case, she was given lots of forums to air her views of the trial, from the BBC, Fox News, CCTV News Channel and even Reuters. Brenda Wardle has vast experience and knowledge from her three law degrees hence has become a dependable source when seeking for unbiased and factual findings of legal affairs.

Brenda Wardle on the Oscar Pistorius Case:

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