The Oscar Pistorius Trial And Analysis By Brenda Wardle

Oscar Pistorius is a famous runner from South Africa, and he competed in several Paralympic events He also competed as a runner in the 2012 Olympics. He became famous worldwide for his appearance in the 2012 Olympics because he was competing against world-class athletes with no physical disabilities. His disability made Oscar Pistorius the ultimate underdog for his sport. For a man without both legs competing at the level he was in running, it was a given Oscar Pistorius was going to be in the media spotlight and cheered worldwide as the ultimate underdog. He lived up to the media hype and dominated the Paralympics, and he made a great showing at the Olympics as well.

His fame is what made the events of Valentine’s Day 2013 so shocking. He shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp, who was his girlfriend and a famous model. The shooting happened inside his home. Oscar Pistorius maintained the killing was an accident, and he said he believed she was an intruder inside the home. Immediately following the shooting, he was arrested. The next day he was officially charged with her murder, and a trial with a global audience commenced. The trial ended in October of 2014, and he was found not guilty for the murder. He was found guilty for culpable homicide though, and he was sentenced to the maximum of five years along with a concurrent sentence of three years for a lesser charge.

The trial was covered extensively and in detail by Brenda Wardle. Brenda Wardle is a South African legal expert, and she is also the Chief Operations Officer at the Wardle College of Law. Like Oscar Pistorius, Wardle also received a lot of media coverage during his trial because of her detailed work covering the strange case. She did an amazing job breaking down the process and explaining the procedures taking place in the South African justice system. She is certainly qualified to cover such an interesting case.
Brenda Wardle has an extensive background and education in the field of law. She has three law degrees including a specialty in medical law among other impressive accolades. During the trial and sentencing of Oscar Pistorius,  Wardle was sought after for interviews so she could give her analysis to a worldwide audience. Outlets from all over South Africa and even the BBC wanted interviews with her. Wardle was key in understanding the judiciary process in South Africa.

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