The Traveling Vineyard Provides The Perfect Work At Home Career

There is not much variety for individuals who either want or need to work from home. An excellent choice is to become a wine guide for Traveling Vineyard. Thousands of people have been successful since the company was established in 2001. Since Americans love wine finding customers is easy and reorders are almost a given. The startup cost is minimal, sales quotas do not exist, and there is no pressure.

To become a wine guide, you simply purchase the Success Kit which covers everything you need for the first two wine tasting parties. You even get a discount of twenty percent which amazing considering the wine is only $15 to $20 per bottle to begin with. You choose you own hours and can even set up your voice mail to say all requests for wine will be answered within 24 hours and please leave a message. The individuals who work around fifteen hours each week earn approximately $6,000 a year. Full time workers earn considerably more. You begin by making sales to family and friends then pick up additional customers through word of mouth. You decide when you have your wine tasting parties so your schedule remains flexible.

The idea behind the creation of the Traveling Vineyard was simple. You won’t have any idea if you like a wine until you taste it first. This idea was responsible for thousands of wine guides being able to work from home. The company has a party plan model that has achieved success and is incredibly unique. By selling direct both the guests and the host have a good experience that is educational, entertaining, and fun. The wine guides introduce connection between food and wine while enjoying the comfort of being in their own home.

The Traveling Vineyard gives a lot of support to their wine guides in all aspects of the business. They provide the technology required to manage a business with an amazing app. The app even has a program for Sommology so the wine guides have all the details required to host a professional, tasteful, and successful wine tasting.

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