Whitney Wolfe Refuses to Sell a Cause That is Meaningful to Her

When someone has a meaningful cause, the last thing that she is going to be thinking about is selling it. This is the case with Whitney Wolfe. She has a cause that she is fighting for. Her cause is to bring about equality for women. The way she is going about it is by bringing forth apps and programs that make it so that men are unable to use it as much as women are. For instance, there is Bumble. The Bumble app encourages women to message the men first. The men can only respond. This is something that many women could get on board with because of the novelty.

There have been offers being made to buy out the company. However, Whitney Wolfe was not going to sell the company. For one thing, she is only getting started with the company. Another thing is that she does not want the company to be taken away from its original purpose. This is one of the reasons that Whitney Wolfe is holding on to the app. She wants to make sure that she is able to have it impact the world in the way she intends it so that women can benefit. One thing that Whitney Wolfe does not want is for someone to take the Bumble app and then turn it into the regular app.

Whitney Wolfe has recently developed an extension to the Bumble app called BFF. This allows women to connect with one another so that they can explore friendships. After all, relationships come and go, and there can be a huge drought between this relationship and the next. With some good friends, women can get the support they need at any point in their lives. Whitney Wolfe has some other plans in development for Bumble app. One thing that she wants to do is take it to its full potential.

Whitney Wolfe Social Media: www.instagram.com/whitwolfe/?hl=en